Name: Robert Reed
U-M Affiliation: Alumni

Where do you work?


When did you serve in the Peace Corps?


Where did you serve (which country/countries)?


What were your main responsibilities as a volunteer?

officially to lay cement platforms for pigs

Is there a specific person (or persons) who made a strong impression on you during that time?

uncle sam

What was one of the most memorable moments you had as a volunteer?

being hauled out of there since united fruit company did not like peace corps volunteers

In what ways did your Peace Corps experience affect your life and/or career decisions?

made me very cynical about u.s. governmental policies

In what ways did your U-M education, both inside and outside the classroom, prepare you for your Peace Corps experience?

none. attended um well after peace corp experience

What advice would you give to others who are contemplating going into the Peace Corps?

dont do it. serve your fellow citizens first. may be less sexy but way more valuable. charity begins at home.

What is the value gained from the Peace Corps experience?

realized kennedy had no clue what he was doing.

What lessons did you learn in the Peace Corps that you carry with you today?

distrust authority

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

42 years later and we have learned nothing about foreign affairs.

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