Name: Russell Misheloff
U-M Affiliation: Alumni

Where do you work?

In Washington, DC, for a consulting firm (International Resources GrouP that does international development work

When did you serve in the Peace Corps?


Where did you serve (which country/countries)?


What were your main responsibilities as a volunteer?

I taught in a teacher training school

What was one of the most memorable moments you had as a volunteer?

It was a memorable, and life changing, experience. But I can't point to a single event.

In what ways did your Peace Corps experience affect your life and/or career decisions?

Changed my decision about a career completely. Before my experience I had never contemplated a career focussed on international development.

In what ways did your U-M education, both inside and outside the classroom, prepare you for your Peace Corps experience?

An excellent liberal arts education and exposure to a broad range of thinking gave me the courage to take the initial step.

What advice would you give to others who are contemplating going into the Peace Corps?

Go ahead. You will not regret it!

What is the value gained from the Peace Corps experience?

It broadened my thinking immensely, providing a realistic and sympathetic perspective on a world about which I had no previous knowledge or understanding.

What lessons did you learn in the Peace Corps that you carry with you today?

Patience, perserverence, empathy

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