Name: Helen Olding
U-M Affiliation: Staff

Where do you work?


When did you serve in the Peace Corps?

My brother was the one in the Peace Corps-Nicholas Louis Hoesl

Where did you serve (which country/countries)?

Afhganistan--2 years 1961-1963

What were your main responsibilities as a volunteer?

taught pharmacology in their new med school

Is there a specific person (or persons) who made a strong impression on you during that time?

He told me the people made the most impression on him--I have a good picture of him with some native Afghans

What was one of the most memorable moments you had as a volunteer?

He said all of it was memorable--he loved the country

In what ways did your Peace Corps experience affect your life and/or career decisions?

He-has gone all over the world since then helping and volunteering with medical groups--Africa, Gutamula, Costa Rico,Cuba

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I have things that he brought back from Afghaniston--He is not affliated with UM-but I am a graduate from here and have worked here over 10 years--if your interested in my brothers tale.

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